Gondola Links

Here's some useful links related to Gondola.

Stravers' Gondola Archive The largest gondola video archive, with a focus on sourcing the music used in the video.
Lett's Gondbooru A booru of gondola images and videos. Unlike Stravers Gondola Archive, it's visually oriented.
Gondola threads on /wsg/ Recurring gondola threads on 4chan are probably the closest approximation to the early gondola threads on Ylilauta and Krautchan. Mostly reposts with the occasional OC.
Gondola Space OC group The original content group for Gondola Space. We've been making gondola OC since 2015. Mostly focused on static images, but some animation as well.
Gondola Discord server Discord server dedicated to Gondola. Your best bet for contacting people who love Gondola.

Gondola Space Events

Our past community events

Gondola's Christmas Tree: 2020 The community came together and made beautiful decorations for Gondola's Christmas tree.
The link on the left shows the completed Christmas tree page!